Prolotherapy for Musculo-Skeletal Pain Management
Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri


I am Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri, A general practitioner (RACGP) practicing in Uralla Medical Centre, Uralla, NSW 2358, doing Prolotherapy as an effective treatment for the challenging pain management.

Believing in the code of ethics of this caring profession, and that industrious and conscientious work would definitely be rewarding for an overwhelmingly ambitious person like myself, I have painstakingly improved my standing in the community of doctors  through my on-going academic updates.

Prolotherapy is a highly successful treatment for musculoskeletal pain affecting the neck, shoulders, elbows, back, knees, etc. It involves injecting 20% dextrose solution (concentrated sugar fluid) which is mixed with normal saline and local anesthetic into the tender points on bones.  Depending on the nature of injury, prolotherapy has been found to be successful in treating neck stiffness and pain (>95%); while it is about 70-80% successful in case of shoulder and lower back pain. It is slower when it comes to pure osteo-arthritic pain like in knees and ankles. Prolotherapy might not be effective at all in case of migraine with or without neck pain. 

Thank you all.

Dr. Ricardo Al Khouri